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An art sale benefiting Dress For Success NWA

Help her paint her path

All art has a story. Each piece blends together a narrative in a moment timelessly captured. All artists have a story—the one that inspired their work, and the one they want to tell through it. In these portraits of people, of places, and of times, it’s the stories that move us. And just as we’ve been inspired, we can have the joy of inspiring others.

Dress for Success’ inaugural virtual art sale is an opportunity for our neighbors to play a part in the journeys of the women in their community. The art, the artists, and the community are all works in progress—masterpieces painted by our endless stories, beautifully strung together, one brushstroke at a time.

With every purchase of locally crafted art, we invest in the women who are bravely, boldly laying new foundations of stability, independence, and wealth. In this way, we become part of her journey—helping paint her path while bringing the story of each work of art full circle.

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    We partnered with dozens of talented artists to create this event, and we hope to spark a groundswell of support for the women in our community. Find your inspiration. Help paint her path.

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    Art Pick Up After Purchase: November 11th (11 AM-2 PM)-12th (3 PM-6 PM)